! Here are some common agricultural tools and their names


Sure! Here are some common agricultural tools and their names:

1. Hoe: A tool used for digging and moving soil.
2. Rake: Used for collecting leaves, hay, or grass.
3. Shovel: Useful for digging and moving material like soil, gravel, or snow.
4. Tractor: A powerful vehicle used for plowing fields and transporting equipment.
5. Seeder: Used for planting seeds efficiently.
6. Pruning Shears: Used for trimming and shaping plants.
7. Irrigation System: Equipment used to water crops efficiently.
8. Tiller: Used for tilling soil before planting.
9. Harrow: Used for breaking up and smoothing soil.
10. Wheelbarrow: Handy for transporting various materials around the farm.

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